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Best Color Combination

Each season has a unique feeling that makes it special, including flowers, holidays, and astrology. You can capture this effect at home by using different combinations of colors. These are the seasonal colors that have been popping up in luxury furniture stores across the country.


  • A lot of green – Green goes with a lot of colors, and it reminds us of fresh greenery. Some popular choices for springtime are blue and green, yellow and green, or pink and green.
  • Warm tones – Mixes, such as two shades of pink; or orange, yellow and gold; or salmon and white, are lighting up high end furniture stores during the months preceding spring.
  • Baby blue and violet – On the other end of the spectrum are the cool tones, such as robin’s egg blue, sky blue, and cobalt blue. These pair well with violets.


  • All white – This color scheme really only works before Labor Day. If all-white is too much for you, it works well with nature-inspired hues such as navy and earth tones.
  • Neon and neutral – A lot of designers are incorporating bright colors into a neutral backdrop of grays or beiges. Neon green, electric orange, and red command attention.
  • Nautical colors – Navy blue is an obvious choice. Other seaside inspired combinations involve sea-grass greens, driftwood browns and a wide array of sky and sea blues.


  • Metallic – A layer of bronze or copper paint on details and decorations has a warming effect that complements this season’s reds and oranges.
  • Pumpkin and beige – A muted shade of orange complements a neutral background such as a beige sofa. If you are feeling adventurous, add a touch of sage green, as well.
  • Wine red – Deep burgundy goes wonderfully with rich browns such as the ones in a fine leather chaise, or the charcoal of a fair-trade area rug.


  • Red and green – The season’s favorite colors have a connection to the specific time of year. During white winters, the bright tones of green and red really stand out.
  • Blue and white – The cooling mix of blue, white, and sometimes silver provides an alternative to the jarring amalgamation of red and green for some people.
  • Elegant neutrals – In the event of a cold weather, a cozy retreat of neutral grays and beiges means a respite. Enhance the effect with splashes of plum, deep blue, and hunter green.

No matter what time of the year it is, there is an appropriate combination of colors to commemorate the occasion. Incorporate these seasonal hues into your decorating scheme every three months by changing the soft furnishings, decorations, and flowers.