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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Winter Home Decorating Tips

A standout amongst the most widely recognized inquiries heard at extravagance furniture stores needs to do with how to brighten amid the cooler months of the year. Go with the cold nip noticeable all around with additional layers that add warm and fun beautifications to remind everyone that it is winter. There are various sorts of points of interest related with remaining warm, dry, and agreeable amidst frosty climate. Most such overhauls are just an issue of changing out a couple of minor touches.

Deck the Halls

Showers of evergreen branches give an antiquated feeling to any space amid wintertime. A vase loaded with conifer branches look winsome and charming, and notice awesome. Take a stab at blending in various components, for example, pinecones, berries, blossoms, or mistletoe. Wrap festoons of shiny holly leaves around balustrades, racking, seat rails, bars, pantries, ledges, or ceiling fixtures.

Extra Layers

Treat your home decor the same way as your wardrobe by incorporating extra layers during winter months. Dress up plain dining room chairs and living room furniture with cozy slipcovers that do not absorb the chill in the air. Swap out those drab old curtains for something that feels warmer. Pile more pillows on top of sofas and beds. You can even layer rugs on top of rugs.

Pops of Color

You could potentially use any decorative object to add a dash of color to the room, such as a blanket, vase, or small piece of furniture. Add an unexpected element to the mix, such as a sparkly sequin pillow. This concept works out well in a space with a lot of neutral tones. Colors traditionally associated with winter include green, red, white, blue, silver, and gold.

Rearrange Furniture

During winter months, it is a good idea to rearrange the furniture to minimize cold drafts of air. If you have a hearth or fireplace, concentrate the seating around this area from around December to February. You do not need a fire to stay warm when there are extra blankets and pillows included in the seating area.

Winter Motifs

Winter themed designs make anyone feel cozy, even if it does not snow where you live. Consider wall art and wall decals in wintery patterns, such as snowflakes, reindeer, stars, and other seasonal favorites. These items also take the form of garlands that can be strung across the room, or on a Christmas tree. Do not forget about the magic of Christmas or fairy lights.

There are a lot of fun and easy ways to brighten up your space for the holidays. Start by moving around the furniture and adding plenty of soft blankets and throw pillows. Then visit your local high end furniture store for some decorations, pops of color, and more great ideas about decorating for winter.

Use Floor Fountain to Your Home

Today in the realm of rivalry everybody is pushing forward with each other. With regards to design part, everybody is utilizing distinctive methods so as to make their home lovely and polished. Clients are having the best decision as they can go to shop floor drinking fountains at where they will run over with various example and outlines. They are sufficiently wonderful to get the fascination of the clients.

Accessible in Different Fields

Floor wellsprings are accessible in various fields which will cover :

Divider wellsprings will incorporate mirror wellsprings alongside stainless steel wellspring which are solid in nature and can’t get influenced by water. The circulation arrangement of water is great as it runs streams easily with no spillage or shower. They are anything but difficult to introduce as start-up guide is given to first time clients where they can take after the procedure pleasantly and introduce effectively to their objective place.

Customers will also come across with indoor and outdoor water fountains which can increase the beauty of their house along with making garden beautiful. These floor fountains are having LED light which can increase the grace of your room. These fountains are available in different colors that can be choosen according to the wish of the users.

Table top fountains are available in smaller size as compared to indoor and outdoor water fountains. These fountains are mostly available in granite stone which gives the perfect finishing enough to catch the attraction of person. As it is small in size, they are of light weight which can be easily handled by the users. They are having the special feature of LED light which is underwater and pump facility.


Handmade Lighting

Purchasing light apparatuses for the house can be an exceptionally bulky assignment. The issue is that however we can and do continue changing the decorations, furniture and paint of the house, yet we from time to time consider changing the light apparatuses. In this manner, it turns out to be vital that we pick these fittings after due research and cautious arranging. By putting resources into carefully assembled light fittings, you won’t just guarantee that they superbly coordinate your enlightenment necessities however will likewise depict your distinction in your home stylistic theme.

We as a whole arrangement to outdo everything for our home. It ought be of uncommon quality as well as chic and as indicated by the most recent patterns. Yet, before you take off to arrange high quality lighting for your home, here are a couple of things you ought to consider:


Buying light fittings is not an easy task. First and foremost you must ensure that your selected fittings are made of quality material so that they have a better life and can keep illuminating your home for decades. But when it comes to handmade lighting, how can you ensure that the product is made of quality material? You probably can’t; so the best option is to go with a brand name. There is a reason why a company gains its reputation, and they will probably not risk it by using inferior raw materials. The most preferred manufacturing material for light fixtures, however, is brass alloy. This is because it is not only very malleable but also resistant to heat and electricity.

In addition, you must also make sure that the design selected is chic and trendy. It should also suit the illumination requirements of the area. No matter how beautiful a table lamp is, if it is placed in a room where it is not needed, it will lose its relevance.


It is vital that the lighting in the house should coordinate with the overall look and ambience of the place. If you have linear and modern furniture in your house, then lantern style rustic fixtures will look totally out of place in that setting. While handcrafted rustic fixtures echo a warm and comfy feel, linear fixtures offer a more chic look.


Handmade lightings offer an infinite range of lighting options. Pick up a specific design of your choice, and get it made in your preferred color, finish and size. Offering customization options, handmade lightings can provide a solution to all your illumination woes. These fixtures are exclusive, unique, classic, traditional, bespoke and exquisite.


There is a common misconception that customized handmade light fixtures are highly expensive. However, this is not true. They are only slightly dearer than the usual store bought fittings. For instance, if you can get an onion light for $100 – $ 500, you can get its handmade counterpart for $170 to $700 and so on.